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Civic Agriculture
Reconnecting Farm, Food, and Community
Thomas A. Lyson

Tufts University Press


• List of Tables
• Acknowledgements - Introduction: Community Agriculture and Local Food Systems
• Civic Agriculture
• Farming and Food Today
• A Place for Civic Agriculture
• Plan of the Book - From Subsistence to Production: How American Agriculture Was Made Modern
• Agriculture and Rural Life
• The Emergence of Modern Economic Forms
• Early Agricultural Development
• Three Agricultural Revolutions
• The Social Construction of Modern Economic Categories
• Civic Economy, Economic Embeddedness, and the Informal Economy
• The Civic/Embedded Economy in the United Satates - Going Global: The Industrialization and Consolidation of Agriculture and Food Production in the United States
• From Craft Production to Mass Production
• The Trend toward Concentration and Consolidation
• Changing Geography of Production
• Distancing: Separating Production and Consumption
• Control of Farmland
• Labor Intensification
• Supply Chains - The Global Supply Chain
• The Global Food System
• The Jolly Green Giant as a Corporate Migrant
• Grocery Wars
• Corporate Reach: The Men and Women behind the Food System •Whiter the Poor Customer? - Toward a Civic Agriculture
• Moving Toward Civic Agriculture
• Theoretical Underpinnings of Civic Agriculture
• Walter Goldscmidt's Landmark Study
• Production Districts
• Two Models of Agricultural Development
• Neoclassical Economics Versus Pragmatism
• Production versus Development Frameworks
• Experimental Biology versus Ecological Biology
• Corporate versus Community Orientation
• Corporate Middle Class versus Independent Middle Class
• Political Process and Power
• Motors for Change
• Civic Agriculture and Sustainable Agriculture
• Why Didn't Small Business Flourish? - Civic Agriculture and Community Agricultural Development
• Profiling Civic Agriculture
• Community-Supported Agriculture
• Restaurant Agriculture
• Farmers' Markets
• Roadside Stands
• Urban Agriculture. City Farming, Community Gardens
• Measuring Civic Agriculture - From Commodity Agriculture to Civic Agriculture
• Commodity Agriculture
• Refashioning Farming to fit the Marketplace
• Reconnecting Farm, Food and Community: Tools for Change
• Civic Agriculture: Moving from the Marketplace to the Community.

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