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The Romantic Poetess
European Culture, Politics, and Gender, 1820-1840
Patrick Vincent

University of New Hampshire Press


• Suffering Heroines: Germaine de Stael's Politics of the Feminine
• Last Songs: The Romantic Poetess and the Elegy
• First Last Songs: The Public Voice of Sentiment
• Altogether Foreign Monsters? Women and Cosmopolitanism in the Romantic Age
• A Continent of Corinnes: Poems on Corinne Italy and Exhile
• From Salon to Annual
• The Poetess in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
• Burying the Poetess: Disenchantment Poems Death Elegies Posthumous Reviews and Obituaries
• Conclusion
• Appendix A. Biographical Dictionary
• Appendix B. The Last Song of Corinne
• Notes
• Works Cited
• Index

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