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Ghostly Communion
Cross-Cultural Spiritualism in Nineteenth-Century American Literature
John J. Kucich

Dartmouth College Press


• Acknowledgements
• Introduction: The Pueblo Revolt, the Salem Witchcraft Trials, and Cross-Cultural Spiritualism
• Chapter 1. Around Rochester: Spiritualism, Reform, and Harriet Jacobs's Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl
• Chapter 2. Public Spirits: Spiritualism in American Periodicals, 1848-1861
• Chapter 3. The Politics of Heaven: The Ghost Dance, The Gates Ajar, and Captains Stormfield's Visit to Heaven
• Chapter 4. Spirits in the Contact Zone: Spiritualism and Local Color Writing
• Chapter 5. Spirit Nation: Spiritualism and National Ideology in Henry James's The Bostonians and Pauline Hopkins's Of One Blood
• Conclusion: The Poetics and Politics of Spiritualism
• Notes
• Works Cited
• Index

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