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The Imperialist Imaginary
Visions of Asia and the Pacific in American Culture
John Eperjesi

Dartmouth College Press


• Introduction: The American Pacific, an Errand into Oceania
• Chapter One: The "Superlative and Poetry of Commerce": Scattered Origins of an American Pacific Frontier
• Chapter Two: An American Pacific Jeremiad: Frank Norris's "The Octopus" and U.S. Imperialism
• Chapter Three: The American Asiatic Association and the Imperialist Imaginary of the American Pacific
• Chapter Four: Becoming Hawaiian: Jack London, Cultural Tourism, and the Myth of Hawiian Exceptionalism
• Chapter Five: Maxine Hong's Kingston's "China Men": Frontiers of the Chinese American Pacific
• Chapter Six: "Memories of a Forgotten War": A Filipino/American Ghost Story
• Conclusion: Outside in the American Pacific

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