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Marie Syrkin
Values Beyond the Self
Carole S. Kessner

Brandeis University Press


• Introduction
• Marie’s Birthright
• A Bronx Adolescence
• That Fabulous Summer: Maurice
• Elopement and Annulment
• Marriage, Motherhood, and Tragedy
• David, Divorce, and the Death of Nachman
• A New Life: Charles
• An Unorthodox Marriage: Palestine and Hollywood
• At the Nexus of the “Jewish Problem”
• On the
Jewish Frontier: The Twenty-First Zionist Congress
• The War, the White Paper, and the Rescue of the Jews
• Wartime Horrors: Personal Unhappiness
• Postwar Projects: DP Camps,
Blessed is the Match, Israel
• Academia at Last: The Brandeis Years
• Epilogue
• Notes
• Index
• Illustrations follow page 242

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