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This Grand and Magnificent Place
The Wilderness Heritage of the White Mountains
Christopher Johnson

University of New Hampshire Press


• Acknowledgments
Exploring and Settling the White Mountain Wilderness, 1600–1820
• Abenaki Homeland, European Wilderness, and Early Exploration
• First Settlers and the Taming of the Wilderness
Transforming Attitudes toward Wilderness, 1820-1900
• Ethan Allen Crawford and the Wilderness Experience
• The Artist Who Redeemed the Wilderness
• Writers and the Search for Meaning in Wilderness
• White Mountain Art and the Domestication of Wilderness
• The Resort Hotels: Luxury at the Edge of Wilderness
• Hiking Clubs and a Wilderness Renaissance
New Policies toward Wilderness, 1900-2005
The Weeks Act and Its Impact
• Outdoor Recreation and the Birth of a Wilderness Constituency
• Toward Wilderness Preservation: The Development of a Philosophy
• Preserving the White Mountain Wilderness
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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