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Disability and the Media
Prescriptions for Change
Charles A. Riley, II

University Press of New England


• Preface
• Heroes of Assimilation: Or How the Media Transform Disability
• Whose Life Is It Anyway? The Use and Abuse of the Disability Memoir
• Getting It on Paper: Revising the Disability Story for the Print Media
• I'd Like to Thank the Academy: Losing Focus on Disability in Movies and Television
• And Here's the Pitch: How Advertising Uses Disability
• Milestones, Mixed Messages, and Missed Opportunities: The Unfinished Business of the Disability Media
• WE: The Short Happy Life of an Independent Magazine
• "On the Web We're All Equal": And Other Myths about Disability and Multimedia
• Appendix A: Guidelines for Portraying People with Disabilities in the Media
• Appendix B: Guidelines for Web Accessibility
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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