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Poland Spring
A Tale of the Gilded Age, 1860-1900
David L. Richards

University of New Hampshire Press


From Country Farm to Summer City
the people of progress
• The Proprietors
• The Patrons
the masquerade of antimodernity
• The Mansion House: “A Noble Inheritance”
• The Poland Spring House: “Mecca of the Fashion, the Wealth and Culture of the Country”
• The Spring House: “The Ministry of Pure Water”
the search for a middle landscape: “a city of vivid Contrasts” The Farm: “Lovely Pastoral Country”
• The Grounds: “Out of a Country Farm an Eden”
• The Playing Fields: A Picturesque Recreational Landscape
• The Maine State Building: Toward an Urban Vision
• Conclusion: Poland Spring in 1900
• Appendixes
• A. Ricker-Bolster Genealogy
• B.Origins of Poland Spring Guests
• Table1. Origins of Poland Spring Guests by State
• Table 2. Leading Points of Origin for Guests
• Table 3. Origins of Guests by Size of Community
• C. Population Trends in Poland and Surrounding Towns
• Notes
• Select Bibliography
• Index

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