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Princess or Prisoner?
Jewish Women in Jerusalem, 1840-1914
Margalit Shilo

Brandeis University Press


• Acknowledgments
• The Female Experience of Immigration
• Male Initiative: Immigration as Breakup or Unification of the Family
• Female Initiative: Immigration as a Quasi-monastic Experience
• The Experience of Self-Sacrifice: Sanctification of Suffering
• Identification with Jewish Historical Reference
• Pilgrimage to the Holy Places: Immigration within Immigration
• Hilulot: Festivities at Saints' Gravesides
• Rachel's Tomb as the Culmination of Women's Immigration
• A New Reality
• Princess or Prisoner? Marriage as a Female Experience
• Marriage as a Necessity: The Power of the Community
• Marriageable Age
• Matchmaking: A Deal, A Quick Look. and Agreement
• Intercommunal Marriages as a Two-Way Street
• The Dowry
• The Engagement Ceremony
• The Wedding Celebrations
• Captive Under the Wedding Canopy
• Women at Home
• Women's Clothing: Private and Public Aspects
• The Home: Physical Space and Its Influence on Women's Lives
• Marital Relationships as a Mirror of Perception of Family
• Childbirth and the Newborn
• Mothers and Children
• Divorce: Dissolution of the Family Unit
• The Gender-Shaping Aspect of Jerusalem Regulations
• Women in the Public Sphere: Religious, Economic, and Philanthropic Involvement
• The "Women's Section" as Symbol of Their Activity in the Public Sphere
• Economic Life in Jerusalem
• Women in Business
• Women in Menial Occupations
• Women in Health Services
• Form Domestic Handiwork to Home Industry
• Women in Education as a Channel of Modernization
• Wealthy Women
• Philanthropy as Women's Path to the public Sphere
• Charitable Institutions: Women in Voluntary Social Work
• Hospitalilty as Creation of Life
• Ezrat Nashim in Jaffa: The Beginnings of Women's Self-Organization
• Ezrat Nashim in Jerusalem: Women of Women
• Ezrat Nashim as a Modernizing Force in Jerusalem
• Economics and Philanthropy Pave the Way for Women in Public Service
• Scholarship, Illiteracy, and Educational Revolution
• Learned Women in Jerusalem
• The Education of Jewish Girls: Tradition and Revolution
• Rothschild and Montefiore: First Experiments on Education
• Educational Initiatives in Jerusalem
• Evelina de Rothschild School, 1868-1894: "Bits of Education" or a "Real School"?
• The Anglo-Jewish Association: Girls' Education as a Path to Western-Style Progress
• Evelina de Rothschild School, 1894-1914: Flagship of AJA
• An Integrative Educational Institution
• Evelina de Rothschild School: Society and Gender
• Ultra-Orthodox Educaion for Girls before Beis Ya'akov
• On the Margins of Society: Poverty, Widowhood, Husband Desertion, Prostitution, Missionary Efforts
• A City of Poverty
• Begging Letters
• Widows
• Agunot (Deserted Wives)
• Prostitution
• The Threat of the Mission
• Help from the Mission: Medicine, Employment, Education
• Conversion
• Combating the Mission: Society's Attitude to Its Periphery
• Women: The 'Margins" of the "Margins"
• Epilogue: The Female Experience in Jerusalem: Honing Historical-Cultural Insights
• The Unique Jerusalem Character
• The Female Jerusalemite: Another Look at the perception of Women in Judaism
• Gender and the Fall of the Old Yishuv: The Link between the Old and the New Yishuv
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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