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Newport Through Its Architecture
A History of Styles from Postmedieval to Postmodern
James Yarnall

University Press of New England


• Foreword - M. Therese Antone, R.S.M.
• Preface and Acknowledgments
• A Geographical and Historical Note on Aquidneck Island
• Introduction
• The Postmedieval Jacobean Style and Newport’s Founding
• The Georgian Styles before the Revolutionary War
• Federal and Greek Revival Architecture, 1780–1840
• The Gothic Revival of the 1830s and 1840s
• The Italian Villa and Italianate Architecture of the 1850s
• The French Roof and the Civil War Era
• The Stick Style of the 1860s and 1870s
• Queen Anne Variants, 1870–1890
• The Shingle Style before 1885
• The Colonial Revival after 1885
• The Beginnings of Beaux-Arts Newport, 1880–1890
• Richard Morris Hunt and the Beaux-Arts, 1888–1895
• The Beaux-Arts and Academic Eclecticism in the Twentieth Century
• Modernism from the Bauhaus to Postmodernism
• Appendix: A Brief Listing of Selected Newport Buildings by Architect
• Notes
• Selected Bibliography
• Index

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