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Visual Cultures of Science
Rethinking Representational Practices in Knowledge Building and Science Communication
Luc Pauwels, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• Introduction: The Role of Visual Representation in the Production of Scientific Reality
• A Theoretical Framework for Assessing Visual Representational Practices in Knowledge Building and Science Communications - Luc Pauwels
• The Production of Scientific Images: Vision and Re-Vision in the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science - Michael Lynch
• Representing or Mediating: A History and Philosophy of X-ray Images in Medicine - Bernike Pasveer
• The Accursed Part of Scientific Iconography - Francesco Panese
• Images of Science in the Classroom: Wall Charts and Science Education, 1850–1920 - Massimiano Bucchi
• Representing Moving Cultures: Expression, Multivocality, and Reflexivity in Anthropological and Sociological Filmmaking - Luc Pauwels
• Arguing with Images: Pauling’s Theory of Antibody Formation - Alberto Cambrosio, Daniel Jacobi, and Peter Keating
• Discipline and the Material Form of Images: An Analysis of Scientific Visibility - Michael Lynch
• Edward Tufte and the Promise of a Visual Social Science - John Grady
• Making Science Visible: Visual Literacy in Science Communication - Jean Trumbo
• Contributors
• Index

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