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Native and Naturalized Trees of New England and Adjacent Canada
A Field Guide
Richard DeGraaf, Paul E. Sendak

University Press of New England


• Introduction
• Tree Identification
• Organization for Leaf-on (Summer) Identification
• Step-by-Step Identification Details
• Leaf Type
• Late Autumn and Winter Identification
Coniferous and Deciduous Tree Groups Based on Leaf Type and Arrangement
Needles in Bunches at the Ends of Short Spur Shoots
• Single Needles
• Needles in Bundles of Two
• Needles in Bundles of Three
• Needles in Bundles of Five
• Needles Scale-like or Flattened
Broadleaf Trees
Simple, Not Lobed, Alternate
• Simple, Not Lobed, Opposite
• Simple, Lobed, Alternate
• Simple, Lobed, Opposite
• Pinnately Compound, Alternate
• Pinnately Compound, Opposite
• Bipinnately Compound
• Palmately Compound
• Glossary
• Sources
• Index

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