In the Land of the Wild Onion
Travels Along Vermont’s Winooski River
Charles Fish

University of Vermont Press


• Preface
• My River, My Valley
• Headwaters
• Growing Up at the Headwaters
• Poking Around, Poking Along
• Hap’s Mill
• The Making of a Valley
• I Take to the Water
• The Deer Hunter
• In Search of the Wild Onion
• From Influent to Effluent: A Clean Story and Some Dirty Ones
• Backyard Camping
• Stream Dynamics: The Water Woman and the Surficial Geologist
• A Perilous Portage in a City of Rivers
• The Trout Fisherman
• The Long March and a Midnight Alarm
• The Farmers
• From Gorge to Gorge
• The Bobcat Man
• The Haunted House
• Power
• The Abenaki
• A City of Mills: The Superintendent and the Doctor
• To the Lake
• The Trapper
• Learning to See
• Notes
• Published Sources

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