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The Archeology of New Hampshire
Exploring 10,000 Years in the Granite State
David Starbuck

University of New Hampshire Press


• Note on the Text
• Introduction: The History of Archeological Research in New Hampshire
• Howard Sargent (1922–1993), an Early Professional
• Solon B. Colby (1900–1971), an Early Explorer
• Dr. Gary Hume, New Hampshire’s First State Archaeologist (from 1976 to 2002)
• Antonett Howe (1937–1992), an Avocational Archeologist for Our Time
The First People of New Hampshire
• The Paleo-Indian Period: The Big-Game Hunters
• The Archaic Period: A Time of Settling In
• The Woodland Period: The Rise of Village Life
• The Contact Period
The Historical Period in New Hampshire
• Historical Archeology
• America’s Stonehenge
• Industrial Archeology
• The Northern New England Chapter, Society for Industrial Archeology
• Marine Archeology in New Hampshire
• Dr. David Switzer, New Hampshire’s Distinguished Marine Archeologist
• Epilogue: So, You Want to Be an Archeologist?
• Where to Go for Further Information
• Locations of Archeological Collections in New Hampshire — Patricia W. Hume and Donald Foster (1994) Revised by Patricia W. Hume (2005)
• New Hampshire Archeological Sites Listed on the National Register of Historic Places
• Selected Projectile Points from the Colby Collection — Illustrated by Ellen Pawelczak
• Glossary
• Bibliography
• Index

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