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The Cinematic Mode of Production
Attention Economy and the Society of the Spectacle
Jonathan Beller

Dartmouth College Press


• Acknowledgments
• Abbreviations
• The Political Economy of the Postmodern
• Circulation: Dziga Vertov and the Film of Money
• Production: The Spectatorship of the Proletariat
• The Unconscious: The Unconscious of the Unconscious, or, the Work of Consciousness in the Age of Technological Imagination
• Inspiration of Objects, Expiration of Words: Cinema, Capital of the Twentieth Century
• The Pyrotechnics of Control: Numismatics of the Sensual, Calculus of the Image
• Proprioception: Killer-Eye, Killer World: The Media-Environment for
Natural Born Killers
• Epilogue: Paying Attention
• Index

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