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Jewish Roots in Southern Soil
A New History
Marcie Ferris, ed.; Mark I. Greenberg, ed.; Eli N. Evans, fwd.

Brandeis University Press


• Foreword - eli n. evans
• Introduction: Jewish Roots in Southern Soil -
marcie cohen ferris & mark i. greenberg
One Religion, Different Worlds: Sephardic and Ashkenazic Immigrants in Eighteenth-Century Savannah - mark i. greenberg
American, Jewish, Southern, Mordecai: Constructing Identities to 1865 - emily bingham
“The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword”: Southern Jewish Women Writers, Antisemitism, and the Promotion of Domestic Judaism
jennifer a. stollman
Entering the Mainstream of Modern Jewish History: Peddlers and the American Jewish South - hasia diner
Jewish Confederates - robert n. rosen
“Now Is the Time to Show Your True Colors”: Southern Jews, Whiteness, and the Rise of Jim Crow - eric l. goldstein
The Ascendancy of Reform Judaism in the American South during the Nineteenth Century - gary phillip zola
• A Tangled Web: Black-Jewish Relations in the Twentieth-Century South -
clive webb
An “Intense Heritage”: Southern Jewishness in Literature and Film - eliza r. l. McGraw
• Dining in the Dixie Diaspora: A Meeting of Region and Religion -
marcie cohen ferris
Jewish Antiques Roadshow: Religion and Domestic Culture in the American South - dale rosengarten
The Fall and Rise of the Jewish South - stuart rockoff
Jewish Fates, Altered States - stephen j. whitfield
Selected Bibliography - eric l. goldstein and marni davis
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• Index

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