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Autobiographical, Scientific, Religious, Moral, and Literary Writings
Jean Rousseau; Christopher Kelly, trans.

Dartmouth College Press


• Preface
• Chronology of Works in Volume 12
• Note on the Text
Autobiographical Writings
Autobiographical Poems
• The Orchard of Madame the Baronne de Warens
• Letter to M. Bordes
• Enigma
• Letter to Monsieur Parisot
• Quatrain for One of His Portraits
• The Banterer
• Biographical Fragment
• My Portrait
• Response to the
Letters Written from the Mountain, Published at Geneva, under this title: Sentiment of the Citizens
• Notes for the
• On the Art of Enjoying and Other Fragments
• Various Writings
• Travel Notebook
• [Declaration Intended for a Journal]
• Memorative Note on the Illness and Death of M. Deschamps
• Sentiments of the Public Toward Me in the Various Estates that Compose It
• Declaration Relative to Different Reprints of His Works
• Memorandum Written in the Month of February 1777
Writings on Science
Course on Geography
• Response to the Anonymous Memorandum
• Memorandum Presented to M. de Mably on the Education of M. his Son
• Plan for the Education of Monsieur de Sainte-Marie
• Rousseau to the abbé Guillaume-Thomas-François Raynal
• Treatise on the Sphere
• The New Daedalus
Writings on Religion and Morality
Fragments on God and Revelation
• On God
• Prayers
• Memorandum Delivered April 19, 1742, to Monsignor Boudet, Antonine
• Fiction or Allegorical Fragment on Revelation
• Fragment on the Infinite Power of God
• Moral Letters
• Notes on Helvétius’s
On the Mind
Literary Works
Queen Whimsical
• The Loves of Claire and Marcellin
• The Little Savoyard; or, The Life of Claude Noyer
• On Eloquence
• Idea of Method in the Composition of a Book
• Lexicological Remarks
• On Women
• A Household on rue Saint-Denis
• Essay on the Important Events of Which Women Have Been the Secret Cause
• Advice to a Curate
• Funeral Oration for His Most Serene Highness Monseigneur The Duke of Orléans
• Letters to Sara
• Remarks on the
Letters on the English and the French
• Various Fragments
• Notes
• Index

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