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Let Us Prove Strong
The American Jewish Committee, 1945-2006
Marianne Sanua

Brandeis University Press


• Foreword  • Preface
• List of Abbreviations
• 1906–1959
• Origins: From the Kishinev Pogrom to the State
• of Israel (1903–1948)
• “With Ever-Increasing Vigor”: The Science of Hatred, the Displaced Persons, and the Blaustein–Ben-Gurion Statement
• “This Is Our Home” (1951–1957)
• The 1960s
• The First Jewish Continuity Crisis and the Triumph of Vatican II (1960–1965)
• Disaster and Deliverance: Jewish Identification and the Six-Day War (1967–1968)
• The Civil Rights Movement and the Great Society (1960–1970)
• The 1970s
• New Challenges: The Energy Crisis, Jimmy Carter, the Rise of the Evangelicals, and Cults (1970–1979)
• Internal Divisions: Vietnam, Affirmative Action, Housing, Aid to Private Schools, and the Rights of Neo-Nazis (1970–1979)
• Jewish Identity, the Women’s Movement, Intermarriage, and Soviet Jewry (1970–1980)
• 1980–2006
• A Difficult Decade: Bitburg, Lebanon, Pollard, the Intifada, “Who Is a Jew?” Soviet Drop-Outs, and the Fall and Rise of AJC (1980–1990)
• “The Global Jewish Committee”: AJC at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century
• The Second Jewish Continuity Crisis, Pluralism, and Jewish Unity (1990–2006)
• Appendix. American Jewish Committee Presidents, 1906–2006
• Notes
• Selected Bibliography
• Index

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