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Family Matters
Jewish Education in an Age of Choice
Jack Wertheimer, ed.

Brandeis University Press


• Preface
• Acknowledgments
• Contributors
Parental Choices
Family Formation, Educational Choice, and American Jewish Identity - Riv-Ellen Prell
The Differential Impact of Jewish Education on Adult Jewish Identity - Steven M. Cohen
Jewish Education as a Family Matter
Who Is Being Taught? Early Childhood Education’s Adult-Centered Approach - Shaul Kelner
Why Jewish Parents Send Their Children to Day Schools - Steven M. Cohen and Shaul Kelner
Schools for Parents: What Parents Want and What They Get from Their Children’s Jewish Day School - Alex Pomson
Expectations, Perceptions, and Preconceptions: How Jewish Parents Talk about “Supplementary” Religious Education - Jeffrey S. Kress
Generating Jewish Connections: Conversations with Jewish Teenagers, Their Parents, and Jewish Educators and Thinkers - Sylvia Barack Fishman
The Communal Dimension
Cultures of Jewish Education: How Communities Address Local Educational Needs - Jack Wertheimer
Toward the Study of Community Eff ects on Jewish Engagement: The Case of Educational Enrollment - Shaul Kelner and Steven M. Cohen
• Index

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