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The Life and Thought of Hans Jonas
Jewish Dimensions
Christian Wiese

Brandeis University Press


• Introduction: “Philosopher and Jew”
• The Fight for the Dignity of the Jews: The Impact of Zionism and the Holocaust on Jonas’s Biography and Thought
• From the Rhineland to Jerusalem
• Against the “Cult of Power and Contempt for Humanity”
• Friendships and Conflicts among German-Jewish Émigré Scholars
• “For a Time I Was Privileged to Enjoy His Friendship”: The Ambivalent Relation to Gershom Scholem
• The Mystery of Jewish Existence and Contested Memories: Impressions of Jonas’s Friendship with Hannah Arendt
• “Revolt against Escapism”: Jewish Dimensions of Jonas’s Ethics of Responsibility
• The Value of Life: Philosophical Critique of Nihilism
• Rotseh ba-hayyim—Creation and Responsibility for the “Sanctity of Life”
• De-Messianized Tikkun—Human Responsibility for the
• “Divine Adventure”
• Epilogue: “There Is a Mystery in the World”
• Appendix A – Our Part in This War: A Word to Jewish Men (1939)
• Appendix B – From an Unpublished Fragment of Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain (15 August 1941)
• Appendix C – Hannah Arendt, 1906–1975: Eulogy Delivered at the Funeral Service at Riverside Memorial Chapel, New York City (18 December 1975)
• Appendix D. Letter to Hannah Arendt on Her Eichmann Book (1963)
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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