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Southeast Asian Refugees and Immigrants in the Mill City
Changing Families, Communities, Institutions — Thirty Years Afterward
Tuyet-Lan Pho, ed.; Jeffrey N. Gerson, ed.; Sylvia Cowan, ed.

University of Vermont Press


Foreword – Peter N. Kiang
• Preface and Acknowledgments
• Map of Indochina
• Map of Lowell

• Migration and Settlement
• Introduction – Jeffrey N. Gerson, Sylvia R. Cowan, and Tuyet-Lan Pho
• Lowell, Politics, and the Resettlement of Southeast Asian Refugees and Immigrants, 1975-2000 – Hai B. Pho
• Public Policy and Local Economies: The Phenomenon of Secondary Migration – Jean Larson Pyle

• Cultural Adaptation and Transnationalism
• Reflections on the Concept of Social Capital – David Turcotte and Linda Silka
• Family Education and Academic Performance among Southeast Asian Students – Tuyet-Lan Pho
• Does the System Work for Cambodian American Students? The Educational Experiences and Demographics of Cambodians in Lowell, Massachusetts – Khin Mai Aung and Nancy Yu
• Along the Path to Nibbana: Civic Engagement, Community Partnerships, and Lowell’s Southeast Asian Buddhist Temples – Susan Thomson
• Lao Refugees in Lowell: Reinterpreting the Past, Finding Meaning in the Present – Sylvia R. Cowan
• The Battle for Control of the Trairatanaram Cambodian Temple – Jeffrey N. Gerson
• Exploring the Psychosocial Adjustment of Khmer Refugees in Massachusetts from an Insider’s Perspective – Leakhena Nou
• Transforming Experiences: When Host Communities Become Home Communities – Linda Silka

• Conclusions and Recommendations for Future Research – Sylvia R. Cowan, Jeffrey N. Gerson, and Tuyet-Lan Pho

• Contributors
• Index

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