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Imagining the American Jewish Community
Jack Wertheimer, ed.

Brandeis University Press


Preface and Acknowledgments
• Contributors

Reappraisals in American Jewish History
• Rethinking the Defi nition of “Community” for a 3 Migratory Age: 1654–1830 –
Holly Snyder
Buying and Selling “Jewish”: The Historical Impact of Commerce on Jewish Communal Life – Hasia Diner
Transnationalism and Americanization in East European Jewish Immigrant Public Life – Daniel Soyer
Community and the Discourse of Elegy: The Postwar Suburban Debate – Riv-Ellen Prell

Community on Display
• War Stories: Jewish Patriotism on Parade –
Beth S. Wenger
Orthodoxy on Display in the Arena of Sports, 1920–2000 – Jeffrey S. Gurock
Best-in-Show: American Jews, Museum Exhibitions, and the Search for Community – Jenna Weissman Joselit
The “Be Virtuous!” Board Game: “Monopoly” in Contemporary Yiddish for Satmar Hasidic Girls – Marianne Sanua
• Mediating Community: American Jewry and the New Media of the Twentieth Century –
Jeffrey Shandler

Women as Agents of Communal Reconfiguration
• The Limits of Imagination: White Christian Civilization and the Construction of American Jewish Womanhood in the 1890s –
Karla Goldman
“They Raised Beautiful Families”: Jewish Mothers’ Child Rearing and Community Building – Joyce Antler
Feminism and the American Jewish Community – Paula E. Hyman

Community and Culture
• Rereading the Americanization Narratives of Antin, Zangwill, and Cahan: Imagining and Unimagining the Jewish Community –
Eli Lederhendler
From Yiddishism to American Judaism: The Impact of American Yiddish Schools on Their Students – David E. Fishman
The Accented Imagination: Speaking and Writing Jewish America – Hana Wirth-Nesher
American Jewish Thought and the Imagination of American Jewish Community – Arnold Eisen

• Index

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