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Meat, Modernity, and the Rise of the Slaughterhouse
Paula Young Lee, ed.

University of New Hampshire Press


• Lists of Illustrations and Tables
• Introduction: Housing Slaughter - Paula Young Lee

• France and Germany
• The Grand Boucherie, the "Right" to Meat, and the Growth of Paris - Sydney Watts
• La Villette: City of Blood (1867-1914)
• Siting the Slaughterhouse: From Shed to Factory - Paula Young Lee
• Animal Bodies, Human Health, and the Reform of Slaughterhouses in Nineteenth-Century Britain - Dorothee Brantz

• Britain
• Civilizing Slaughter: The Development of the British Public Abattoi, 1850-1910 - Chris Otter
• Humanitarian Reform, Slaughter Technology, and Butcher Resistance in Nineteenth-Century Britain - Ian MacLachlan
• Filth and Profit, Disease and Health: Public and Private Impediments to Slaughterhouse Reform in Victorian Britain - Richard Perren

• United States and Mexico
• Chicago: Slaughterhouse to the World - Dominic A. Pacyga
• The Politics of Meat Shopping in Antebellum New York City - Roger Horowitz
• Butchers, Tanners, and Tallow Chandlers: The Geography of Slaughtering in Early-Nineteenth-Century New York City - Jared D. Kay• To "Admit All Cattle without Distinction": Reconstructing Slaughter in the ˆSlaughterhouse Cases" and the New Orleans Crescent City Slaughterhouse - Lindgren Johnson
• Abattoir or Packinghouse? A Bloody Industrial Dilemma in Mexico City, c.1890 - Jeffrey M. Pilcher
• Conclusion: Why Look at Slaughterhouses? - Paula Young Lee

• Notes
• List of Contributors
• Index

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