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Early Modern European Civilization and Its Political and Cultural Dynamism
Heinz Schilling

Brandeis University Press


• Introduction: The History of Europe between National and Global Challenge

• The Confessionalization of European Churches and Societies - an Engine for Modernizing and for Social and Cultural Change
• The Religious Profile of Latin Europe
• Confessionalization and the Acceleration of Social Change around 1600
• Confessionalization and Secularization

• Migration and Minorities
• The Early Modern Confessional Migration - a Typological Approach
• The Early Migration from the Habsburg Territories of the Netherlands and Iberia: Chronology, Motives, Numbers, Places, and Conditions of Settlement
• The Reaction of the Calvinist and Sephardic Migrants to Religious and Social Segregation
• A Dialectic of Traditionalism and Progress - Considerations on Long-term Economic and Cultural Consequences

• The European Crisis of the Early Seventeenth Century and the Birth of an International State System
• Religion and Early Modern State Power - Preliminary Reflections
• The Crisis of the Early Seventeenth Century
• From Confrontation to Compromise and Peace - Overcoming Confessional Fundamentalism
• The New Stability of a Secular Order of Autonomous States

• Notes
• Index

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