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Jewish Women in Pre-State Israel
Life History, Politics, and Culture
Ruth Kark, ed.; Margalit Shilo, ed.; Galit Hasan-Rokem, ed.; Shulamit Reinharz, fwd.

Brandeis University Press


• Shulamit Reinharz, Ph.D. - Foreword

• Introduction

• Constructing the Historical Narrative
• Deborah Bernstein - The Study of Women in Israeli Historiography: Starting Points, New Directions, and Emerging Insights
• Yossi Ben-Artzi - Have Gender Studies Changed Our Attitude toward the Historiography of the Aliyah and Settlement Process?
• Henriette Dahan-Kalev - Mizrahi Women: Identity and Herstory

• Women and Immigration
• Michal Ben Ya’akov
• Women’s Aliyah: Migration Patterns of North African Jewish Women to Eretz Israel in the Nineteenth Century
• Joseph Glass - American Jewish Women and Palestine: Their Immigration, 1918–1939
• Esther Meir-Glitzenstein - Ethnic and Gender Identity of Iraqi Women Immigrants in the Kibbutz in the 1940s
• Penina Morag-Talmon - Social Networks of Immigrant Women in the Early 1950s in Israel

• Pioneers and Defenders
• Einat Ramon - A “Woman-Human”: A. D. Gordon’s Approach to Women’s Equality and His Influence on Second Aliyah Feminists
• Henry Near - What Troubled Them? Women in Kibbutz and Moshav in the Mandatory Period
• Smadar Shiffman - Forging the Image of Pioneering Women
• Hagar Salamon - A Woman’s Life Story as a Foundation Legend of Local Identity

• Education, Health, and Politics
• Margalit Shilo - A Cross-Cultural Message: The Case of Evelina de Rothschild
• Shifra Shvarts and Zipora Shehory-Rubin - On Behalf of Mothers and Children in Eretz Israel: The Activity of Hadassah, the Federation of Hebrew Women, and WIZO to Establish Maternal and Infant Welfare Centers—Tipat Halav, 1913–1948
• Nira Bartal - Establishment of a Nursing School in Jerusalem by the American Zionist Medical Unit, 1918: Continuation or Revolution?
• Bat-Sheva Margalit Stern - “They Have Wings But No Strength to Fly”: The Women Workers’ Movement between “Feminine” Control and “Masculine” Dominance
• Hannah Safran - International Struggle, Local Victory: Rosa Welt Straus and the Achievement of Suffrage, 1919–1926

• Creativity in Word and Music
• Orly Lubin - Nehama Puhachewsky: The Alibi of the Arbitrary
• Tali Asher - The Growing Silence of the Poetess Rachel
• Yaffah Berlovitz - Anda Amir’s Me-Olam, Demuyot mi-Kedem: A Proposal for a Modern Feminine Bible
• Hannan Hever - Poems to the Ghetto: The Poetry of Yocheved Bat-Miriam in the 1940s
• Yael Shai and Rachel Kollender - Women and Music in Jewish Society: Woman’s Role in the Music Tradition in Israel

• Shaping the Collective Memory
• Billie Melman - The Legend of Sarah: Gender, Memory, and National Identities (Eretz Yisrael/Israel, 1917–1990)
• Judith Baumel-Schwartz - “We Were There Too”: Women’s Commemoration in Israeli War Memorials

• Notes
• Glossary
• Index

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