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Jews and Race
Writings on Identity and Difference, 1880–1940
Mitchell B. Hart, ed.

Brandeis University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Jews and Race: An Introductory Essay – Mitchell B. Hart
• General Overviews
• “Racial Characteristics of Modern Jews” – Joseph Jacobs
• “Reflections on the Jews” – Isidore Loeb
• Preface from Jews, Race, and Environment – Maurice Fishberg
• “Jewish Race” – Fritz Kahn
• “On the Origins and Race of the Jews” – Arthur Ruppin
• Anthropology
• “Introduction to the Anthropological Study of the Jews” – Édward Goldstein
• Entry on Anthropology from The Jewish Encyclopedia – Joseph Jacobs
• “The Jews as a Race” – J. M. Judt
• “The Brain Weight of Jews” – Richard Weinberg
• “The Jewish Racial Problem” – Samuel Weissenberg
• “Anthropological Research on the Russian-Polish Jews, and the Value of This Research for the Anthropology of the Jews in General” – Arkadius Elkind
• “Are the Jews a Race?” – Sigmund Feist
• Medicine and Biology
• “The Comparative Pathology of the Jews” – Maurice Fishberg
• “Contributions to the Jewish Racial Question” – Felix Theilhaber
• “Heredity and the Jew” – Redcliffe N. Salaman
• “The ‘Nervousness’ of the Jew” – Abraham Myerson
• “The Problem of Tuberculosis among the Jews: A Racial and Socio-Pathological Study” – Noel Haltrecht
• Society and Economy
• “Is the Criminality of the Jews Racial Criminality?” – Rudolf Wassermann
• “Jews, Race, and Environment” – Maurice Fishberg
• “Successes of the Jews in Capitalistic Enterprise” – Arthur Ruppin
• “Racial Mixing”: Intermarriage and Conversion
• “The Jewish Racial Question” – Elias Auerbach
• “The Mixed Marriage” – Arthur Ruppin
• “Fertility in Mixed Marriages”
• “The Significance of the Mixed Marriage” – Ignaz Zollschan
• “Intermarriage between Jews and Christians” – Maurice Fishberg
• Politics, Polemics, and Apologetics
• “The So-Called Jewish Race” – Salomon Reinach
• “The Chosenness of the Jews in the Light of Biology” – Alfred Nossig
• “To Which Race Did Jesus Belong?” – Leo Sofer
• Foreword and Introduction from The Racial Problem, with Particular Attention Paid to the Theoretical Foundations of the Jewish Racial Question – Ignaz Zollschan •“There Is No Jewish Race!” The Testimony of the American Jewish Committee and Union of American Hebrew Congregations before the United States Immigration Committee
• “Assimilation versus Zionism” – Maurice Fishberg
• “The Racial Identity of the Jews”– unsigned editorial from Die Welt
• “On the Jewish Racial Question” – unsigned editorial from Die Welt
• “Concerning Racial Theory” – Robert Weltsch
• “The Jewish Racial Problem” – Moritz Goldstein
• “Jews and Jewishness” – Chaim Zhitlowsky
• Suggestions for Further Reading
• Index

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