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Polluted and Dangerous
America’s Worst Abandoned Properties and What Can Be Done About Them
Justin B. Hollander

University of Vermont Press


• List of Figures
• List of Tables
• Acknowledgments
• List of Acronyms
• Introduction
• Research, Writing, and Thinking on HI-TOADS
• Local Officials and Their Attitudes toward HI-TOADS
• A National Perspective on What Cities Do about HI-TOADS
• Redevelopment Policy in a Municipal Coalition City: Trenton, New Jersey
• Slag Heaps, Steel Mills, and Sears: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
• First Whales, Now Brownfields: New Bedford, Massachusetts
• Planning for a Shrinking City: Youngstown, Ohio
• Race, Preservation, and Redevelopment: Richmond, Virginia
• Conclusion
• Epilogue
• APPENDIX A. Detailed Methodology for Identifying Cities for Inclusion in the Study
• APPENDIX B. Ranking of U.S. Cities on Likelihood of Hosting HI-TOADS Using Five Key Variables
• APPENDIX C. Correlation Matrix for Five Key Variables
• APPENDIX D. Results of Cluster Analysis Using a Setting of Five Clusters
• APPENDIX E. U.S. Cities with Populations Greater than 100,000 in 1970
• APPENDIX F. Interview Instrument
• APPENDIX G. Detailed List of HI-TOADS
• APPENDIX H. Case-Study Methodology
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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