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The Treaty of Portsmouth and Its Legacies
Steven Ericson, ed.; Allen Hockley, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• Introduction –
Allen Hockley and Steven Ericson
• Russia’s Relations with Japan Before and After the War: An Episode in the Diplomacy of Imperialism –
David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye
Japanese Diplomacy Before and After the War: The Turning Point on the Road to the Pacific War – Yasutoshi Teramoto
The Portsmouth Peace – I. V. Lukoianov
Roosevelt and the U.S. Role: Perception Makes Policy – Eugene P. Trani and Donald E. Davis
• Lessons Lessened: The Near-Term Military Legacy of 1904–1905 in
• Imperial Russia –
Bruce W. Menning and John W. Steinberg
The Absence of Portsmouth in an Early Twentieth-Century Japanese Imagination of Peace – Sho Konishi
Political Legacies of the Portsmouth Treaty – Shinji Yokote
• Riding Rough: Portsmouth, Regionalism, and the Birth of Anti-Americanism in Northeast Asia –
David Wolff
Economic Engagement: Coping with the Realities of the Globalized World – Vladimir I. Ivanov
The Contemporary Implications of the Russo-Japanese War: A Japanese Perspective – Kazuhiko Togo
Appendix: Summary of Conference Discussions
• Notes
• Contributors
• Index

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