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How Restraints on Nonprofits Undermine Their Potential
Dan Pallotta

Tufts University Press


• Introduction
• The Morality of Outcomes
• Nonprofit Ideology
• A Model of Christian Charity
• Conclusion
• The Foundations of Our Misconstruction
• Economic Apartheid
• The First Error—Constraints on Compensation: Charity and Self-Deprivation Are Not the Same Thing
• The Second Error—Prohibition on Risk: Punishing Courage, Rewarding Timidity
• The Third Error—Discouragement of Long-Term Vision: The Need for Immediate Gratification Institutionalizes Suffering
• The Fourth Error—Discouragement of Paid Advertising: If You Don’t Advertise Here, Your Competition Will
• The Fifth Error—Prohibition on Investment Return: The Limits of No Return, and a Stock Market for Charity
• Conclusion
• Stop Asking This Question
• Efficiency Measures—The Puritan Guard
• Efficiency Measures Miss the Point
• Efficiency Measures Don’t Measure Efficiency
• Efficiency Measures Are Unjust
• Overhead Is a Fiction
• Summary
• New Questions and a Very Large Assessment Apparatus
• Courage
• A Cold World?
• Strategic Plan
• Reclaiming Our Dreams
• Acknowledgments
• Case Study—Pallotta TeamWorks
• Methods and Controversy
• Collapse of the Company
• Impact on Organizations’ AIDS and Breast Cancer Fundraising
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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