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Good Tidings
The History and Ecology of Shellfish Farming in the Northeast
Barbara Brennessel

University Press of New England


• Preface •Acknowledgments
• Snug in Their Shells
• Birth in the Laboratory
• Bivalve Shellfish of Commercial Importance
• You Can Judge a Bivalve by Its Cover
• Core Values: A Primer of Bivalve Internal Anatomy
• Perpetuation: Reproduction and Early Development
• Emergence in the Hatchery
• Gearing Up and Re-Emersion
• Location, Location, Location: The Siting of a Shellfish Farm
• Working the Tide: Grow-Out
• Microscopic Troublemakers
• Dangers Abound during Summer on the Flats
• Parasites and Pathogens: Shellfish Infections and Diseases
• Foul Play
• Celebration of the Hard Harvest
• The Current State of Aquaculture in the Northeast
• Aquaculture and the Environment
• The Future of Shellfish Aquaculture
• Appendix: Recipes
• Bibliography
• Index
• Color illustrations follow page 54

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