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Make Mine a Double
Why Women Like Us Like to Drink (Or Not)
Gina Barreca, ed.

University Press of New England


An Aperitif – Gina Barreca
Speak-Easy – Kristen Dombek
Just a Splash – Maggie Mitchell
From Absinthe to Zima – Nicole Callihan
This American Martini – Dawn Lundy Martin
Against Mixology – Sarah Deming
The Cocktail as Fashion Accessory – Karen Renner
My Mentor, the Cocktail – Liza Donnelly
Hilarity and Mirth – Fay Weldon
Raising the Glass – Catherine Conant
Where’s the Party? – Rita Ciresi
How Drink Saved My Sibling Relationship – Nicole Hollander
Sun over the Yardarm – Sophia Romero
The Foreign Girl’s Tour of Japanese Night Life – Sarah Rasher
Sunday at the Kilabu – Greta Scheibel
Paralyzed by Fear No More – Ami Lynch
On Saying “Cheers!” and Meaning It – Lindsey Keefe
A Word for the Boys – Kerri Brown
• More Champagne, Darling? –
Amy Bloom
The Good, the Bad, and the Bubbly – Pamela Katz
The Breakup – Laurie Fendrich
Imbibing as a Lady – Jill Eisenstadt
The Drink – Susan Campbell
Drink and the Single Girl – Niamh Cunningham
A – Wendy Liebman
By Way of Booze and Broccoli – Stephanie K. Hopkins
Permission Slips – Gina Barreca
Moms’ Club – Laura Rossi Totten
The Park Slope Stroller Wars – Louise Crawford
One Not-So-Simple Question – Beth Jones

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