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Inventing a Pathology of Catastrophe for Holocaust Survival [The Limits of Medical Knowledge and Historical Memory in France]
Michael Dorland

Brandeis University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Abbreviations
• Introduction
my french “jewish question”
Writing History/Inventing History?
• A Still Warm Corpse
• The Limits of Knowledge and Memory
the real
Who Knew What and When Did They Know It?
• The French Resistance and the “Jewish Question”
• Military Planning for the Liberation of the Camps and Prisoner Repatriation
• The Liberation of the Western Camps
• Medical Liberation
• Allied DP Policies
• The Nazi A-Bomb: The Continuing Jewish Problem
The Return
• The Lutetia Hotel
• War Crimes Forensics, 1945–1947
• From Testimony to Medical Discourse, 1945–1948
• The Psychology of Captivity, 1945–1946
• Medical Dissertations on Concentration Camps and Deportee Pathology, 1941–1946
• A Medical Field in Search of Itself, 1945–1953
The Pathology of Catastrophe
• The Somatologists, 1945–1948
• The “Halakhists,” 1936–1948
• International Congresses on the Pathology of Deportation and Related Issues, 1946–1952
• The FIR Medical and Scientific Congresses, 1954–1981
• Minkowski: Psychopathology in Psychiatry and Holocaust Research, 1952–1982
• The Scandinavian School of KZ Syndrome, 1952–1980
• Polish Perspectives on KZ Syndrome, 1945–1961
• The Israeli Holocaust Problem and Early Research, 1948–1969
The Failure of “Liberation Psychiatry,” 1944–1947
• The Impossible Profession: Aspects of French Psychoanalytic History, 1926–1980
• Niederland, Krystal, and the Transformation of
• Concentration Camp Syndrome, 1963–1988
• Vicissitudes of the Figure of the Survivor, 1976–2005
Trauma and Traumato-Culture, 1945–1990
• Memory, Remembering, Commemoration,
• and Witnessing, 1949–2004
• Writing and Rewriting the Holocaust, 1945–?
conclusion: prosthesis
• Bibliography
• Index

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