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The Collected Writings of Beatrix Farrand
American Landscape Gardener, 1872-1959
Beatrix Farrand; Carmen Pearson, ed.

University Press of New England


• Preface
• Acknowledgments
• Editor’s Note
• Introduction
The Student of Gardening and Young Professional
Nature’s Landscape Gardening in Maine
• Book of Gardening, 1893–1895
• Bridge over the Kent at Levens Hall
• Le Nôtre and his Gardens
• The Garden as a Picture
• The Debt of Landscape Art to a Museum of Trees
The Professional Landscape Gardener Addressing the Issues of Her Day
Landscape Gardening from Vocations for the Trained Woman
The Garden in Relation to the House
• Laying Out a Suburban Place
• City Parks
• Wildflower Protection
• Our Christmas Greens
The Consultant for Campus Landscapes and Other Major Institutions
Decoration of Building Walls: Notes on Photographs of Planting at Princeton
• Princeton Landscape Gardening
• Landscape Gardening at Princeton
• The Yale University: The Library Courtyard and Its Fountain
• Landscape Gardening at the University of Chicago
• Squaring the Circle: A Study of Campus Development
• Contemplated Landscape Changes at the Arnold Arboretum
• The Azalea Border
• Peters Hill
• Dumbarton Oaks: An Historical Setting for the Making of History
The Maine Gardener: At Home and at Work at Reef Point Gardens
The National Park on Mount Desert Island
• Reef Point Gardens: The Start and the Goal of a Study in Landscape Architecture
• Tripterygium Regeli
• Climbing Plants in Eastern Maine
• Prints at Reef Point Gardens
• Reports of Progress, 1952–1953
• Reports of Progress, 1953–1954
• Afterword
• Bibliography

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