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Best of Times, Worst of Times
Memoirs of a Political Education
Walter Laqueur

Brandeis University Press


• Preface
• A Surfeit of Politics; or, Why I Would Have Preferred the Nineteenth Century
• Growing Up under the Nazis; or, Why One Had to Be There to Understand It
• Marxism, the Soviet Union, and the Cold War; or, The Dream That Failed
• The Downfall and Partial Resurgence of the Soviet Empire; or, The Strange Fortunes of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, “Finlandization,” and Putinism
• A Middle East Education; or, Reflections on Arabia, Israel, Zionism, and Antisemitism
• Think Tanks and Political Intelligence; or, Why It Is So Difficult to Predict
• Guerrilla Warfare and Terrorism; or, What Systematic Study and Theory Can Mean
• Europe, 1945– 2008; or, A Short Study in Hope and Frustration
• Postface
• Works by Walter Laqueur
• Index

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