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The Biography of an American Holiday
James W. Baker; Peter J. Gomes, fwd.

University of New Hampshire Press


• Foreword
• Thanksgiving in America – Peter J. Gomes
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• A Thanksgiving Detective Story
• New England’s Puritan Holy Days
• The Traditional New England Thanksgiving
• The Classic New England Thanksgiving Dinner
• The Nation Embraces Thanksgiving, 1780–1880
• Nineteenth-Century Holiday Imagery in Literature and Art
• Enter the Pilgrims
• Pilgrims Are for Kids: Thanksgiving in the Progressive Classroom
• Imaging the Holiday
• Parades, Patriotism, and Consumption
• Consensus and Competition: The Postwar Thanksgiving
• New Myths for Old —Thanksgiving under Siege
• Thanksgiving Now, Then, and Forever
• Appendixes
• A Thanksgiving Poem – Henry Bliss
• Some Early Thanksgiving Recipes
• United American Indians of New England Press Release
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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