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We Were an Island
The Maine Life of Art and Nan Kellam
Peter P. Blanchard, III; David Graham, Photo.

University Press of New England


• Preface
• Acknowledgments
• Introduction: A Long Journey Home
• The Search for an Independent and Simpler Life
• Motivations: The Enigma of a Chosen Lifestyle
• Attaining the Kingdom: The Arrival and First Two Days (June 8–9, 1949)
• Finding Home and Stepping Free: Homewood and the Footprints in Time
• Island Explorations: Circumnavigations, Traverses, and Sight Lines
• Placentia’s History: Discovering Past and Precedent for Island Habitation
• Dory Crossings: The Long Row and the Lifeline
• Dynamics of a Relationship: Romance for the Islanders
• Dynamics of a Relationship: Troubles in Paradise
• Mainers and the Odd Couple
• Art and Nan: The “Not-so-Hermits” in Isolation and in Company
• Insular Perspectives on the World at Large
• Wilderness and the Garden: The Islanders’ Relationship with the Natural World
• Rhythm of the Seasons: Autumn
• Rhythm of the Seasons: Winter
• Rhythm of the Seasons: Spring
• Rhythm of the Seasons: Summer
• Caring for the Kingdom: Island Stewardship and a Vision for the Future
• Loss
• Beyond the Time of Sharing: Nan’s Perspectives Following the Loss of Her Husband
• Nan’s Memorial Service: A Last Island Reunion
• Footprints in the Stillness of Time: Homewood Abandoned
• Postscript: The Kellams and the Nearings
• A Glossary of Special Terms from the Kingdom of the Bears
• Notes
• Bibliography

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