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Untold Tales of the Hasidim
Crisis and Discontent in the History of Hasidism
David Assaf

Brandeis University Press


• Preface to the English-language Edition
• Translator’s Note
• List of Abbreviations
• Introduction
• “Lies My Teacher Told Me”: Hasidic History as a Battlefield
• Orthodox Historiography’s Strategies of Memory and Repression
• “I Too Am Not Objective”: History as It Should Have Been
• Apostate or Saint? In the Footsteps of Moshe, the Son of Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Lyady
• “Would That My Parents Had Been Cruel”: Straying Children of Zaddikim and Rabbis
• “And to Anger You I Will Convert”: Parent- Child Relations and Conversion
• Polemic and Apologetic Memory
• “He Has Regained His Former Strength”: Moshe Prior to His Conversion
• Leon Yulievich or Piotr Aleksandrovich? The Archival Testimony
• “He Had Done So in Sane, Sound Mind”: Maskilic Memory Traditions
• “He Was in His Right Mind”: The Apostates’ Testimony
• In the Historian’s Workshop
• “The Time Has Come for Moshe’s Story to Be Revealed”: Hasidic Memory
• Traditions
• “He First Lost His Mind and Then Left His Faith”
• “It Never Happened”? The Ongoing Struggle over Memory Traditions
• One Event, Multiple Interpretations: The Fall of the Seer of Lublin
• “A Flame Hovering over His Head”: The Seer of Lublin in His Hasidim’s Eyes
• “This Was No Simple Matter”: The Fall of the Seer in Hasidic Memory Tradition
• “Foolish and Ignorant”: The Seer of Lublin in His Opponents’ Eyes
Ma’asei harav or Sefer nekiyut uferishut: The Satire’s Transmission and Its Author’s Identity
Sefer nekiyut uferishut: Structure and Content
• “From Drunkenness and Heavy- headedness I Fell”: Tracing the Maskilic Version of the Fall
• The Seer’s Fall: A Suicide Attempt?
• “Happy Are the Persecuted”: The Opposition to Bratslav Hasidism
• Three Waves of Persecution
• “A Fearful, Soul-shaking, Bone-shattering, Dispiriting Scene”: The Maskilic Testimony
• “Per the Hooligans’ Code”: The Talne Hasidim’s Anti- Bratslav Campaign
• The Rzhishchev Affair and the Edict Forbidding Zaddikim to Travel
• “The Bratslav Hasidim Eat
Treyf ”: The Teplik Scandal
• “They Are Not Beholden to Any of the Leaders of Our Time”: The Clash over Obedience
• “God Seeks the Persecuted”: The Refl ection of the Persecutions in Bratslav Historiography
• The Persecutions Continue
• “Legacy of a Mistake”: An Epilogue?
• “Excitement of the Soul”: The World of Rabbi Akiva Shalom Chajes of Tulchin
• From Foe to Friend
• Chajes’s Literary Legacy
• “Out of My House, Impure One!” Rabbi Akiva Chajes in Light of Memoir Literature
• Rabbi Akiva Chajes’s Change of Heart
• Rabbi Akiva Chajes’s Appointment as Rabbi of Dubova and the
Kadavar Controversy
• In the Thicket of Memory
• “How Times Have Changed”: The World of Rabbi Menahem Nahum Friedman of Itscan
• Hasidism and Philosophy
• Biography
• Literary Legacy
• “Religious Zeal Is a Plague Recounted in the Torah”: Between Innovation and Conservatism
• Disregard or Polemic?
Hatov vehatakhlit
A Humanist among Hasidim?
• “What Befell the Rebbes’ Grandchildren Who Left the Fold”?
• “It Is Forbidden to Uphold This Book”
• “Confession of My Tortured, Affl icted Soul”: The World of Rabbi Yitshak Nahum Twersky of Shpikov
• Shpikov Hasidism
• Biography
• “Freedom, Freedom!” The Twersky Sisters
• “A Sacrifice on My Mother’s Altar”: Taking Stock of the Confession
• “The Spirit of the Times”: The Confession’s Historical Context
• “My Tiny, Ugly World”: The Text of the Confession
• Notes
• Works Cited
• Index

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