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The Zionist Paradox
Hebrew Literature and Israeli Identity
Yigal Schwartz; Michal Sapir, trans.

Brandeis University Press


Preface and Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• Avraham Mapu,
The Love of Zion (1853): The Beautiful Daughter of Zion, the (Faux) Shepherd Boy and the Cutting Up of the Monster
• Theodor Herzl,
Altneuland (1902): Shall These Dry Bones Live
• Yosef Luidor, “Yoash” (1912): The Taste of Freedom and Space
Moshe Shamir, He Walked in the Fields (1948): It Turned Out It Was All Fake . . .
• Amos Oz, “Nomads and Viper” (1963): A Short, Patched European Jacket over a White Desert Robe
• Notes
• Bibliography
• Index

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