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Sephardi Family Life in the Early Modern Diaspora
Julia R. Lieberman, ed.; Tirsah Levie Bernfeld, contrib.; Hannah Davidson, contrib.; Cristina Galasso, contrib.; David Graizbord, contrib.

Brandeis University Press


• Foreword
• Preface
• Introduction: What is a Family?
• Reconstructing Sephardi Family Life in the Ottoman Empire: The Exiles of 1492
• Communal Pride and Feminine Virtue: “Suspecting
Sivlonot” in the Jewish Communities of the Ottoman Empire in the Early Sixteenth Century – Hannah Davidson
• Mothers and Children as Seen by Sixteenth-Century Rabbis in the Ottoman Empire – Ruth Lamdan
• Western Sephardi Households: Women, Children, and Life-Cycle Events
• Religious Space, Gender, and Power in the Sephardi Diaspora: The Return to Judaism of New Christian Men and Women in Livorno and Pisa – Cristina Galasso
• Childhood and Family among the Western Sephardim in the Seventeenth Century – Julia R. Lieberman
• Sephardi Women in Holland’s Golden Age – Tirtsah Levie Bernfeld
• Judeoconverso Families in the Diaspora: Cultural Commuting between Christianity and Judaism
• Researching the Childhood of “New Jews” of the Western Sephardi Diaspora in Light of Recent Historiography – David Graizbord
• Glossary
• List of Abbreviations
• Bibliography
• Contributors
• Index

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