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Evangelicals at a Crossroads
Revivalism and Social Reform in Boston, 1860–1910
Benjamin L. Hartley

University of New Hampshire Press


• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• D. L. Moody Arrives in a Changing Boston -
“There Is a Magnetism in His Voice”
The Early Years of Evangelical Institution Building, 1858–1883 - “Good! You’ve Got the Fire in You”
Evangelicals and Boston Politics - “The Next Protestant Move Will Be No Boys’ Play”
The Salvation Army and Other Evangelical Organizations Led by Women, 1884–1892 - “Aggressive Christianity”
Evangelical Consensus and Division - “All of This Confusion and Hurt”
The North End and the South End in the 1890s - “Let Us Re-take the North End for Methodism”
Conclusion - “The Most Marvelous Revival of All of Her History”
• Bibliography
• Index

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