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First Founders
American Puritans and Puritanism in an Atlantic World
Francis J. Bremer

University of New Hampshire Press


• Introduction
• John Winthrop and the Struggle to Lead a Godly Life
• John Endecott: Godly Magistrate
• John Wilson: Puritan Pastor
• Thomas Dudley and Thomas Shepard: Hammers of Heretics
• Four Dissenting Women: Anne Hutchinson, Mary Dyer, Lady Deborah Moody, and Anne Eaton
• The Troubled Keaynes
• Stephen Winthrop: Soldier of the Lord
• Hugh Peter: Regicide
• John Davenport and the Middle Advent
• Samuel Winthrop: From Puritan to Quaker
• John Sassamon: A Puritan between Two Cultures
• John Leverett: Defending the Ways of the Fathers
• Anne Bradstreet: Puritan Wife and Mother
• Samuel Sewall: The Conscience of a Puritan
• Conclusion: Civil Society and the Godly Kingdom
• Sources and Further Readings
• Index

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