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The Benderly Boys and American Jewish Education
Jonathan B. Krasner

Brandeis University Press


• Acknowledgments
• Introduction
• Making Order out of Chaos, 1900–1939
• The Making of the Master: Benderly in Baltimore
• The New York Bureau and Its Critics
• A Few Good Men (and Women)
• The Struggle for a Modern School System
• The Organization of a Jewish Education Profession
• Progress under Threat: Jewish Education and the Great Depression
• Jewish Learning for Jewish Living, 1910–1945
• Education as Enculturation: Progressivism and the New York Bureau
• The Jewish School Curriculum and the Limits of Progressive Reform
• The Central Jewish Institute: The School Center as a Model for the Modern Talmud Torah
• “An Environment of Our Own Making”: The Origins of the Jewish Culture Camp
• Between
K’lal Yisrael and Denominationalism, 1940–1965
• Unity in Diversity? The Jewish Education Committee
• Rebuilding, Renewal, and Reconciliation in the Postwar Era
• Conclusion: The Benderly Revolution
• Notes
• Index

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