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An American Proceeding
Building the Grant House with Frank Lloyd Wright
Donna Grant Reilly

Meadowside Press


• Acknowledgments
• Foreword – Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer
• Preface
• A Desire to Get Away
• A Beautiful Parcel of Land
• Whatever Consideration You Can Give
• I Believe You Are Sincere
• I Have It All Right Here
• A House for Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Grant
• You Get the Stone Out
• Drawings
• A Good Stonemason
• Construction Begins
• Many Questions
• Visitors
• The House Takes Shape
• A Concrete Slab Roof
• What Will It Be Like to Live Here?
• Makeshift Accommodations
• A Lot Closer to Nature
• Winter in the House
• Fighting a Battle
• A Privilege Few Are Afforded
• Notes

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