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Journeys to War and Peace
A Congressional Memoir
Stephen J. Solarz; Norman Ornstein, fwd.

Brandeis University Press


• Foreword by Norman Ornstein
• Preface
• Prologue: The Making of a Congressman
• Congressional Travel: Boon or Boondoggle?
• Crossing the Allenby Bridge: Israel, the Arabs, and the Peace Process
• A Jewish Agenda: Rescue Abroad and Relief at Home
• African Encounters: Liberation Struggles, Civil War, Corruption, and Tyranny
• Indochina: Bringing Peace to Cambodia, Protecting Vietnamese “Boat People”
• The Philippines: The Impossible Dream
• Korea and Taiwan: The Struggle for Democracy and Human Rights
• South Asia: The “Voice of India in Congress” and “the Lafayette of Pakistani Democracy”
• Central America and Cuba: Revolutions Closer to Home
• Encounters in Europe: Turkey, Cyprus, and Poland
• The Gulf War: When Evil Is on the March, It Must Be Confronted
• The Year of the
Epilogue: Lessons Learned
• Acknowledgments
• Index

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