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Bread without Sorrow
John Hodgen

Eastern Washington University Press


• Upon Hearing That Among Marilyn Monroe's Personal Effects Found After Her Death Was a Signed Photograph from Albert Einstein Inscribed with the Words "With Respect and Love and Thanks"
Forgiving Buckner
• Stopping the Jesus
• This Day
• Procedure
• On Seeing My Wife Holding onto Her Friend in a Parish Parking Lot, for Their Dear Lives and October Coming
• May 6th
• On Having Been Given My Father's Footlocker, and On Not Having Opened It for Six Months Now
• Above Half Moon Bay, Near San Francisco
• Father Superglues 5-Year-Old Daughter's Eyes
• Love Believed, Belayed
• Looking for Ophelia at the Former Site of the Alice and the Hat Diner in Worcester, Massachusetts
• On Carrying My Mother's Cremated Remains to Virginia Beach to Give to My Brother
• "It's All Over Now": Man Runs into Texas Theatre Without Paying

• The Loudest Sound in the World
• My Father Swearing
• Dave the Guesser
• Room Service
• Jesus's Little Sister
• Waking My Father for the Graveyard Shift
• For a Friend, Gone for a Year to Galway
• Coming to Grief
• December

• Key West Cemetery, Mid-July, 2 P.M., Chance of Rain
• On Hearing a Young Husband's Testimony Before a Congressional Sub-Committee About the Manner in Which the FAA Crash Recovery team Had Informed Him That They Had Found His Wife's Hand
• Getting Through
• On Noting That the Most Famous Loch Ness Monster Photograph Had Been Faked
• Garage
• Hanging On
• Seven Crows
• The City of Rochester, August, Veiled Moon
• Letter to Katherine
• When the Cook Falls in Love
• The Girl Who Killed Her Mother Writes Me Letters
• Men, Upon Hearing of a Death

• Acknowledgments

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