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The Hovey Murals at Dartmouth College
Culture and Contexts
Brian P. Kennedy, ed.; Colin G. Calloway, contrib.; Mary Coffey, contrib.; Rayna Green, contrib.; Robert McGrath, contrib.

Hood Museum of Art


List of Illustrations
• Foreword –
Greg Fell & Mickey Stuart
Preface and Acknowledgments – Katherine Hart
The Indians Wheelock Knew – Colin G. Calloway
American Bacchanal: Myth, Memory, and the “Hovey Murals” – Robert McGrath
Walter Beach Humphrey Meets Norman Rockwell at the Last Stand Saloon – Rayna Green
• The “Hovey Murals” and the “Greening” of Orozco’s
Epic of American Civilization – Mary Coffey
The Indian in the American Literary Imagination: Walter Beach Humphrey and the “Forms Aboriginous” of American Fictions – Melanie Benson Taylor

Mon, 18 Jun 2018 12:55:09 -0500