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Native American Art at Dartmouth
Highlights from the Hood Museum of Art
George P. Horse Capture, Sr., contrib.; Joe D. Horse Capture, contrib.; Joseph M. Sanchez, contrib.; Colin G. Calloway, contrib.; Karen S. Miller, contrib.

Hood Museum of Art


Preface and Acknowledgments – Catherine W. Hart
• Foreword: Living at Sunrise – George P. Horse Capture Sr.
• A School in the Heart of the Indian Country – Colin G. Calloway
• Introduction: Native American Art at Dartmouth – Karen S. Miller
• An Interview with Guest Curator Joe D. Horse Capture – Joe D. Horse Capture and Karen S. Miller
• The Continuity of Tradition: A Native Aesthetic – Joseph M. Sanchez
• A Selection of Contemporary Native American Art in the Hood Museum of Art’s Collection
• Arctic/Subarctic: Innovation and Ingenuity – Heather Igloliorte
• Northwest Coast: Expressing Identity in an Intercultural World – Megan A. Smetzer
• Plateau and California: Nature and Rebellion Inspire Visual Stories – Miles R. Miller
• Southwest: Diversity in a Land of Dramatic Contrasts – Joyce M. Szabo
• Plains: Recalling the Past and Illustrating the Present – Jenny Tone-Pah-Hote
• Woodlands: Symbolism and Cosmology – Sherry Brydon
• Southeast: Ancient Concepts, Modern Arts – Leah Bowe
• Baskets: Weaving Beauty into the World – Jennifer Neptune
• Illustrated Checklist of the Exhibition
• Related Exhibitions
• Selected Chronology of the Native American Collection at Dartmouth College – Deborah T. Haynes
• The Hood Museum of Art’s Compliance with the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) – Kellen G. Haak
• Selected Bibliography
• Contributors

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