The Maltese Touch of Evil
Film Noir and Potential Criticism
Shannon Scott Clute, Richard L. Edwards

Dartmouth College Press


• Acknowledgments
• Preface
A Void in Film Noir Studies
• One Hundred Thousand Billion Films Noir: Oulipian Works and Potential
• Workshop of Potential Criticism: Anoulipism and Plagiarism by Anticipation
• Build My Scaffolding High: Noir Films as Constrained Texts
• Oufinopo: The Noiremes
• Postscript: How We Wrote Our Noiremes
• Postliminary 1: The Guilty Parties:
Out of the Past: Investigating Film Noir
• Postliminary 2: Computers and Writers: The MTOE Project
• Appendix 1: Selected Filmography
• Appendix 2: Podcastography
• Notes
• Further Readings
• References
• Index

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