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The New Jewish Leaders
Reshaping the American Jewish Landscape
Jack Wertheimer, ed.

Brandeis University Press


• Preface
• Contributors
• Mapping the Scene: How Younger Jewish Adults Engage with Jewish Community –
Jack Wertheimer
From Jewish People to Jewish Purpose: Establishment Leaders and Their Nonestablishment Successors – Steven M. Cohen
Expressive, Progressive, and Protective: Three Impulses for Nonestablishment Organizing among Young Jews Today – Steven M. Cohen
Young Jewish Leaders in Los Angeles: Strengthening the Jewish People in Conventional and Unconventional Ways – Sarah Bunin Benor
Reimagining Jewishness: Younger American Jewish Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Artists in Cultural Context – Sylvia Barack Fishman, with Rachel S. Bernstein and Emily Sigalow
The Reality of the Virtual: Looking for Jewish Leadership Online – Ari Y. Kelman
In Its Own Image: Independent Philanthropy and the Cultivation of Young Jewish Leadership – Shaul Kelner
Conclusion – Jack Wertheimer
• Appendix: The Research Design
• Index

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