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Re-Framing the Transnational Turn in American Studies
Winfried Fluck, ed.; Donald E. Pease, ed.; John Carlos Rowe, ed.

Dartmouth College Press


• Preface – Winfried Fluck, Donald E. Pease, and John Carlos Rowe
• Introduction: Re-mapping the Transnational Turn – Donald E. Pease
• Diasporic Doubles: Philip Roth’s
Operation Shylock – Ulla Haselstein
• “Death Is So Permanent. Drive Carefully.”: European Ruins and American Studies circa 1948 – Andrew S. Gross
• Landscapes of Trauma: The Transnational Dislocation of Vietnam’s War Trauma in Alfredo Vea’s
Gods Go Begging – William Arce
• The Racial State and the Transatlantic Famine Irish – Peter D. O’Neill
• Men in Boats and Flaming Skies: American Painting and National Self-Recognition – Winfried Fluck
• Portraying Transnational America: Aesthetic and Political Dimensions in Winold Reiss’s “Plea for Color” – Frank Mehring
• Liberty: A Transnational Icon – Sieglinde Lemke
• Belonging and Transnational American Studies: Reflections on a Critical Approach and a Reading of Richard Powers’s
The Echo Maker – Laura Bieger
• American Studies as Mobility Studies: Some Terms and Constellations – Rüdiger Kunow
• Resistance without Borders: Shifting Cultural Politics in Chicana/o Narratives – Marc Priewe
• Transnational Configurations in New Media: Identity Performance and Community on the Social Web – Reinhard Isensee
• Protocols from the Playing Field: (Digital) Stories of Commitment and Intervention – Matthias Oppermann
• Areas of Concern: Area Studies and the New American Studies – John Carlos Rowe
• Andean Gateways: Transnational Healing and Spiritual Tourism in the Sacred Valley, Peru – Macarena Gómez-Barris
• Utopias of Transnationalism and the Neoliberal State – Johannes Voelz
• Feminism, Capitalism, and the Cunning of History – Nancy Fraser
• Toward a Politics of American Transcultural Studies: Discourses of Diaspora and Cosmopolitanism – Günter H. Lenz
• Contributors
• Index

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